Interview is Just a Conversation with a purpose!


People spend sleepless nights when they have an interview lined up. The anxiety starts spilling out and spreads to the environment around them, at home, college, or office. Yes, it’s good to be anxious about your efforts to be put to crack an interview, but it’s never fair to be anxious about the result of the interview before you have faced it. It ruins your preparation, dissolves your efforts into worry, and the outcome is never positive. Positive outcome doesn’t only mean that you get the job, but it also means the satisfaction that you feel in your efforts even after being rejected in the interview. This positivity further helps you to analyze your strong and weak points for your future interviews, and you perform better than before. On the other hand, being anxious about your performance and the result will block your vision ahead. Now, the question is How to avoid this anxiety and fear of failure? A simple answer to this is being comfortable with yourself, and believing that interview is a form of conversation with a stranger with similar professional interests, who is curious to know about you.

Now, analyze a situation where you meet someone and you need to make a real good impression on, not a fake one, to have a good future network or connection. You try your best to communicate easily by talking appropriate things about yourself, using gestures you saved in your mind to be used with people you really want to impress; the gestures you often don’t use with your family and friends. When you communicate comfortably with people, you can observe their interest in you, and also when you are comfortable talking to them you tend to understand them effectively which further strengthens the process of communication.

You need to demonstrate many hard skills during the interviews, and for that you need competitive preparation. And to demonstrate these skills effectively, soft skills need to be honed which can only be done with ease and finesse. Soft skills are acquired by being easy and comfortable with your content or information you want to share, and to be comfortable, you need to be interested in sharing and receiving information. Interview is a simple process of communicating with a purpose, and that purpose is to share appropriate information effectively to earn the position. Take it easy when facing an interview and be interesting; converse in short stories and positive language. It’s OK, it’s just a conversation!!Be sophisticatedly Original!!

None of this is to imply that you shouldn’t prepare yourself for an interview and only relax!!!

Also note that there is no single strategy that works with all interviewers. While some welcome casual conversations, others like to keep the interview quite formal. It’s important to assess your interviewers from their mannerism and first few questions, and then proceed accordingly.

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