The Easiest and Essential Life Skills



Conscientiousness is all about having an objective opinion about things happening around us and working to get the right perspective. For example, when you see some kids are fighting among themselves and even if you know one was clearly in the wrong, as an objective teacher or parent you would still listen to both sides of the story before taking any kind of action. The same principle applies for other areas of life. And pausing to examine the situation is the best practice to calmly analyse the situation before passing any verdict.



Empathy is different from sympathy, as when we are sympathetic to someone we feel for that person whereas when we are empathetic we feel with the person. It’s one of the highest ranked skills in all walks of life, be it work, home, relationships. It creates a safe environment for sharing and problem solving. Empathy also builds trust and respect, and enables the one in need to release his/her emotions. And when we are empathetic towards someone, our various life skills make us stand out in life/work/home. We sharpen our skills to connect with people; ability to recognize strong feelings or emotions; ability to respect the other person’s effort to cope with the predicament; and offering support and partnership.


 To Collaborate and Connect

We never know what life must offer, and who all will be a part of our journey. Connecting and collaborating with people is a skill that not everyone can use effectively, and this skill helps to make us people’s person and teaches respect and indifference towards others. This can surprise us at times and help us learn through our experiences with people. We must never cease to use this people’s skill even after any bad experiences, because we never know what surprises life has to offer through people who will cross our path.



There’s no great teacher than curiosity. Kids are curious and we must appreciate them to ask, analyse and look for answers to their questions. But as we grow we seem to lose touch with curiosity, and the reason could be low interest in learning, shyness or we-know-it all attitude. Learning had no bar, and curiosity is the best way to learn. We must have a positive approach towards curiosity in all areas of life, esp. education and work.



It’s not the ability to keep going, but the will to stand again and again when life knocks you down several times and keep moving ahead. Difficulties are the opportunities to deepen our roots, and when life gets tough the true resilience shines through people who never give up. Resilience is very important to practice in life overall, at work, in relationships and for our personal growth. Responding positively and strongly to the external circumstances can help us build unbreakable resilience.

God’s Best is Yet to Come

We go through countless challenging situations in life where we stumble, we fall, and we try to get back up, or sometimes lose to the situations or the inevitable. But actually we never lose anything, we surrender, and when we decide to surrender, we leave all to God which is not our defeat but a victory, because God never makes His children to lose. Surrendering to God after endless efforts and trials is a victory to be cherished and get excited about the result that God Himself is going to fetch for us, and that is what I always say to myself ‘God’s Best, yet to come’.

We try and try but we fail, why? Because God wants us to practice a lot of things that He wants us to learn and be prepared for, and when we still fail to reach, God wants to intervene to reach our reaching. Because He wants us to land safely to our goal, God will never abandon us during our journey of faith with Him. All we have to do is keep repeating and believing in our minds and hearts that God’s best is yet to come. We need to continue pushing ourselves every day to God’s best, and never get satisfied with this feeling. When we get something good we must plan to get better and ultimately God’s ways will take us to the best.

A long struggle of mind and body can make us grow weary and insufficient, but our ultimate goal of experiencing God’s best can spark a new life in our endeavors.

Trying these steps to achieve God’s best in your lives really helps:

  • Be confident about God’s presence in your life.
  • Know He is there with you.
  • Express your gratitude toward Him all the time, I mean ALL THE TIME!
  • Always believe in your actions, because they are also through the Lord Himself.
  • Believe and tell God that you have done all what you could do and surrender to Him.
  • Don’t seek revenge for your hurt, let God take the call. Believe, “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord (Deuteronomy 32:35).
  • Pray and Pray and Pray for everything you are grateful for, and the things your are asking for.
  • Talk to Him often, pour out your heart to Him and seek His guidance in silence.

Keep your focus only on God’s Best!