We Define Ourselves By Judging Others!

Aamir Khan’s “Intolerant India” statement is becoming intolerant by us Indians. How dare he say this about our loving country? How could he call India insecure and not worth living? He has no right to say this. He’s not a dignified man anymore; not a perfectionist anymore! Must be slapped; he deserves to be humiliated as much as possible by everyone in India, everyone means everyone! Share all negative things about him, make every possible effort to demean him, make videos, comment nonsense, do whatever it takes to make him feel ashamed, and every single person in the country must do so. Aamir Khan deserves this because he is a celebrity, and not a common man.

How quick we are to judge people around us? Every time they say something good or bad, we common people or even famous people for that matter of fact are always ready to give them a new character certificate.

We always change opinions about things, people, countries, religion, but we are not hypocrites. Someone who is famous and expressed what he felt, abiding by the constitution of India under the right to freedom of expression; He is a hypocrite! Let me remind all of us about the statements which are so commonly stated by common people like you and me or by almost every Indian citizen, several times, and let me leave it about your own judgment to certify these as intolerant or disrespectful towards the country or not.

General conversations in groups about India, living conditions in India, about people of India, religions in India and many more issues, include statements which are so common that nobody creates a fuss about them. How many of us usually say that:

“India hai yaar, yahan kuch bhi ho sakta hai!”

“India to Bahgwaan ke bharsoe chalta hai!”

“India me life ki koi value nahi hai!”

“India rehne layak kahan reh gya!”

“India ka kuch nahi ho sakta!”

Now my question to all of us who are accusing others and judging others’ statements is, “how often do we say these things to each other about our country?” At least once in a day or in general quite often? Don’t you feel that in a way we are disrespecting the country we are living in by stating these words of skepticism, distrust and uncertainty? Then how are we different from people who give clear statements about the safety in our country? What right do we have to question and judge others when we ourselves are not confident about our lives in our own country and keep on saying these “India aisa hi hai” statements.
It’s not about any celebrity being giving intolerant statements or a common person talking about uncertainties in the country, it’s about working on these issues without debating on things said or unsaid, without complicating the situations prevailing and making things shittier by commenting discussing unnecessarily. We have Time to make videos, write comments on everything that comes out of a celebrity’s mouth, but we have no time to question ourselves on the same statements that we spit out every day. We don’t judge ourselves before making such statements, but we can take lot of pain when someone else says this.
Before making things shittier and more viral can we take out time to understand how much we devote to our country, how responsible we are as common people?
Oh come-on! Stop criticizing everything! Don’t complicate things rather we must work on the solution on our own individual levels. We must stop questioning others and start questioning ourselves to judge what are we doing in any regard pertaining to our country?